Review | bareMinerals Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil

As I’ve probably said on here before I’m a TOTAL cleansing balm person. Before I discovered cleansing balms I never had much luck with makeup removers. They always burned my skin and/or eyes (even when they were specifically targeted towards removing eye makeup), and usually they didn’t remove my makeup that well anyway. Luckily cleansing balms totally changed my makeup removing game, and they also roused my interest in trying cleansing oils. The first ever cleansing oil I tried is the bareMinerals Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil. Want to know my thoughts? Read on!

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Are New Year’s resolutions unhealthy?

Happy New Year guys! Ain’t this just a great question to start the new year with? Haha, but seriously, I came across this question on someone’s Instagram stories and it really got me thinking. So let me warn you now: this is going to be a rambly post! Anyway, a lot of us tend to make New Year’s resolutions. Some make a couple, some have a whole list of things they want to change or improve in the new year. But, let’s face it, a lot of us ”fail” to make those changes or improvements.

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Update | Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

Okééé eh, hoi allemaal! Sorry voor mijn lange afwezigheid! Ik had het best druk de afgelopen tijd, en zit al een paar weken in een soort rare transitiefase. Dat wil zeggen, ik ben het beautybloggen een beetje zat! Helaas natuurlijk, want de afgelopen jaren was de ”online beauty community” één van mijn grootste interesses. Ik keek te pas en te onpas beauty video’s en las elke dag beautyblogs, maar de afgelopen paar weken is dit ineens een stuk minder geworden. Ik vind blogs lezen en YouTube video’s kijken nog steeds leuk, maar merk dat ik steeds vaker voor van-alles-wat bloggers/youtubers kies, dan voor specifieke beauty bloggers.

Okaaay eh, hi everybody! Sorry for my long absence! I was pretty busy for a while, en for the past few weeks I’ve been in some kind of weird transition phase. Which basically means that I’m getting a bit bored with beauty blogging! Unfortunately of course, because for the past years the ”online beauty community” was one of my main interests. I was watching beauty videos as much as I could, and would read beauty blogs every day, but the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing this a lot less. I still like reading blogs and watching YouTube videos, but I’ve noticed that I choose a-bit-of-everything bloggers/youtubers over specific beauty bloggers.

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