Yesstyle haul | Cruelty free Korean skincare

I’m a huge fan of Korean skincare. I think that’s because it’s generally quite affordable, while having ingredients you can only find in western products with a much steeper price tag. Korean skincare is a lot more innovative (without being too gimmicky). It often feels like western skincare is a bit ”behind”. So it’s not surprising that my skincare routine consists of about 90% Korean products at the moment. I was running low on some of my products, so I decided to place an order on Yesstyle. I usually order my Korean skincare products via eBay, but because of the pandemic the stores I usually buy from don’t ship to the Netherlands at the moment. Luckily Yesstyle is a great alternative! Curious to see what I bought? Read on!

BONAJOUR Deep Cleansing Oil | Buy here
Currently I’m using the iUNIK Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil, which I actually really like. But I’m always on the hunt for something I like even more, so I decided to try this one by Bonajour. I was actually a bit surprised at how small the bottle is, even though it clearly says on the website that it only contains 150ml haha! Anyway, I hope I don’t need a lot of it to remove my makeup, so I won’t go through it super fast. It contains jojoba oil, actively cleanses the pores, and forms a moisure barrier on the face to protect the skin from moisture loss. Also, it smells really nice. I hope I like it!

THANK YOU FARMER Dual Premium Cotton Pad | Buy here
The YOUSHA cotton pads I’m using at the moment work fine, but they’re so thin that I need to use two stacked together if I don’t want my toner to literally seep through them. I know having thinner cotton pads helps with not wasting a lot of product, but I still wanted to try something a bit thicker (lol). These cotton pads seemed quite decent (albeit a bit expensive), so I decided to give them a go. Ultimately I want to switch to reusable cotton pads, but I’m afraid that those will suck up almost all of my toner to the point where the toner won’t be effective anymore. If you have any experience with this, I’d love to hear it!

BONAJOUR Bio Active Toner Mist | Buy here
I love a good face mist to use in the mornings when I’m in a bit of a hurry, or to use in between my exfoliating toner and my serum for an extra hydration boost. I’m almost out of the Pyunkang Yul one I’m using right now, and even though it works fine, Pyunkang Yul apparently isn’t cruelty free anymore? (It was when I bought the toner, which isn’t that long ago.. So I don’t know what happened there?) So I decided not to repurchase it, and purchase this Bonajour one instead, because it sounded nice and isn’t too expensive.

iUNIK Propolis Vitamin Eye Cream Set | Buy here
I really wanted to try a serum-type product with propolis extract in it and needed a new eye cream, so this set is ideal! Apparently propolis is both calming and nourishing, two things my skin can definitely use, and on top of that the serum also contains vitamin C which is brightening, all while being suitable for sensitive skin. Sound pretty good right? So far I’ve had good experiences with iUNIK products, so I hope I’ll like these too!

THE PLANT BASE AC Clear Magic Gel | Buy here
I haven’t used a spot treatment in years, because my skin was pretty well behaved (well, spot wise anyway). However, lately I’ve had a lot of spots – mostly in the chin region – and they often leave a red hyperpigmentation dot that unfortunately doesn’t go away for months, which means that I now have a chin full of red dots. FUN TIMES. So I decided to invest in a spot treatment with centella asiatica leaf extract in hopes that it’d calm my spots and hyperpigmentation a bit. This gel contains a whopping 78% centella extract, and contains tea tree oil and AHA. Let’s hope it works!

So this was my entire Yesstyle skincare haul. It’s not a very big haul because nowadays I try to only buy products I actually need (which is kind of hard when you want to try out so many products haha!). I also try to use up an entire product before opening a new one, because the amount of half-used products I used to have is insane! :’) Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to review at least a couple of these products in the near future. If there are any products in particular you’d like to read or hear my opinion on, let me know! Have you tried any of these products?

* This post is in no way sponsored by Yesstyle! (I wish lol) I bought all of these products with my own money!

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