Review | Catrice Brush Ink Tattoo Liner

”Tattoo liner”… Sounds familiar right? Even though Kat Von D’s beauty brand has been taken over by another company (that renamed the brand ”KVD Vegan Beauty”), I’m still not sure how I feel about mentioning their products on here. However, we can’t deny the fact that Kat Von D was the first – to my knowledge – to come out with a brush tip pen eyeliner. To be honest I was never that eager to try out her Tattoo Liner, because of obvious reasons, and also because when I swatched the liner on my hand it bled into the fine lines a lot. Not a good sign I’d say. However, when I swatched Catrice’s version it looked a lot more promising, and I thought for the price it was worth a try.

Catrice’s brush liner comes in a little box, as opposed to their other liners. Not sure why. It seems a bit unnecessary in my opinion. The liner comes in one colour (black) and costs €4,99. The tip apparently consists of 270 little hairs, which give it its precision and flexibility. The formula is supposed to be waterproof, which was another selling point for me. I can’t find anywhere if the liner’s supposed to have a matte finish, or a shiny or satin one. The packaging is the kind you’re supposed to shake before use (it has one of those little balls inside) to get the liner to work at its best.

The eyeliner only needs the occasional bit of shaking during use to stay pigmented. It’s quite easy to get a thin and precise, opaque line and wing. You don’t have to go over some parts twice like with some eyeliners that skip or aren’t very pigmented. I wouldn’t say this is the most intensely black eyeliner I’ve ever used, but its pigmentation is fine. Finish wise I’d say it has more of a satin finish. Definitely not matte. Which is one of the only cons of this liner for me, but it doesn’t bother me that much. The liner doesn’t bleed on me, but that might also be because I always apply a base.

I usually only wear eyeliner (so no eyeshadow). I apply a bit of concealer and face powder as a base and then apply my eyeliner, and with this liner that works great! In fact, it’s almost as if the more eyeshadow I wear, the more the liner skips on my upper lash line. It’s almost as if the powder of the eyeshadows ”clogs” the little hairs of the tip, so I sometimes have to draw a couple of little lines on my hand to ”clean” the tip and get it working fully again. I haven’t taken a dive in a pool with this liner on, but I have been caught in the rain and waterproof wise it was fine. I also get teary eyes quite often because of pollen and whatnot, and the liner holds up well when that happens.

Personally I really like this liner! I’m on my second one actually, and I got a decent amount of applications out of the previous pen. This liner might even have taken the spot of the NYX That’s The Point Hella Fine Artistry Liner which was my favourite pen eyeliner for a while. The only cons about the Catrice liner are that it isn’t matte, skips a little when applied over intense eyeshadow looks, and apparently is a bit hit or miss depending on the one you buy (judging by other people’s reviews). Which is a bit inconvenient of course. Still, if you’re looking for an affordable eyeliner to try, I’d say: give this one a go! Have you tried it yet?

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