Review | Pixi Natural Contour Powder

Why does Catrice do this thing where they discontinue a bunch of their products (including some popular ones) every six months? Same with Essence, I just don’t get it! Anyway, I loved the contour duo Catrice released a couple of years ago, and then discontinued not long after. It was such a good contour colour for my skin tone! I’ve been looking for a similar powder (that is still available) ever since, and I think I found it in this Pixi one!

First of all, the Pixi contour powder is obviously considerably more expensive than the Catrice duo. I bought mine for €23,95 whereas the Catrice duo cost €4,59. The packaging on the Pixi one is a bit nicer though. It’s a bit sturdier and has a mirror in the lid. Formula wise the Pixi powder is definitely quite pigmented and powdery, especially compared to the Catrice one. When you tap your brush into the Pixi one you get a bit of kick-up, even when you are being careful. In theory this would make it easier to overdo it when applying your contour, especially when you’re as pale as me. However I found that because the powder is so easy to blend, as long as you’re not being a savage, you can hardly overdo it. I feel like the lasting power of the Pixi powder is also a bit better than that of the Catrice one.

The one big drawback of the Pixi powder is that there’s only one shade. The colour works well for my skintone, but if you’re darker than a light-medium skintone this will probably barely show up on you. As you can see in the side-by-side swatch, the Pixi one is a bit cooler than the Catrice one, but the two colours are actually pretty close! The Pixi powder definitely looks a bit more like a shadow because of its cooler colour, whereas the Catrice powder looked a bit more bronzey. So I usually was a bit more liberal when applying the Catrice one because I used it as a contour and bronzer, and I feel like the Pixi one doesn’t work as well as a bronzer. I could apply a seperate bronzer, but those usually look so orange on me, so no thanks! ;)

– Left: without the Pixi Natural Contour Powder. Right: with the Pixi powder

In conclusion, I’m very happy I found this Pixi contour powder because now I have a contour product that I really like and can actually recommend on here because you can still purchase it. Even though it’s quite pigmented, I don’t feel like I have to be super careful, and the colour works well on me. The price point might be a bit steep, but in my opinion it’s worth it! It does suck that there’s only one shade though. Have you tried the Pixi contour powder? What’s your holy grail contouring product?


Puck van Rooij

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