Worth a watch | My current favourite YouTube channels

Obviously I love fashion and beauty content, but sometimes I want to watch something with a bit more ”depth”, if you know what I mean. Recently I’ve been watching YouTube more often (as a way to unwind), and I’ve (re)discovered some great YouTubers who add a bit more to their videos. Either in addition to fashion and/or beauty content, or about a completely different subject. You might already know about them, but if not I hope you’ll give them a watch and enjoy them as much as I do!

Signe is one of the YouTubers/bloggers who sparked my interest in capsule wardrobes, second hand clothing, and minimalism. Even though I’m not very good at the whole capsule wardrobe thing yet, her content helps me a lot because she gives a lot of great advice combined with positive messages. Some minimalism content can feel very intimidating and extreme when you first get into it, but Signe’s content is very uplifting and encouraging. I really like her clothing style, and even though she has a capsule wardrobe and often shows the same fashion items in videos and blog posts (which is a good thing actually), her fashion content is still fun and inspiring. I also like that she ties in a lot of hygge with her content (she’s Danish by the way). Oh, and her dog Oskar is adorable!

Leena makes very eloquent videos on various different subjects, often related to books she’s read. She makes the kind of content I’d love to make, but my English isn’t good enough haha! Leena is a good example of a YouTuber who actually seems to have a passion for making videos and the subjects she talks about. She doesn’t have a huge YouTube following (I personally think she deserves a lot more subscribers), but then again she doesn’t seem to care too much about follower numbers and more about getting her message out there and connecting with the followers she already has. One of my favourite recent videos of hers is the comparison she did between the 1996 version of the movie ”Emma”, and the new 2020 version. I haven’t seen the 2020 version yet, but her video made me even more excited to see it!

If you’re into fashion content, you might’ve already heard of Lucy. She’s the YouTuber who made the whole ”Trying on 10 different pairs of size X jeans” thing a thing! She’s a mid-size gal and talks a lot about this, and the problems it can cause when shopping for clothing, in her videos. Even though I don’t have the same clothing size as her, I still think her videos are super uplifting and relatable, and I think a lot of people will enjoy them, no matter what size they are. I love the way she touches on her mental health issues in her videos: super relatable, serious when she needs to be, but often with a big ass dose of humour. Recently I’ve really been enjoying her moving vlogs (probably because I was moving myself). I love to see how people go through the moving process and furnish their homes.

OK, Jamie-Lee’s content mainly consists of fashion videos, but I’ve really been enjoying watching them. I really like her clothing style, and how she ”plays” with her wardrobe a lot, in the sense that her fashion videos are a lot more diverse than just videos full of clothing hauls. She also mixes in beauty videos. I do wish that sometimes she’d be a bit more ”open” or personal in her videos, but I also understand her choice not to share a lot. Especially since she gave birth to a baby boy recently. I think I wouldn’t want to plaster my baby’s face all over the internet either. We do see a lot of her pets in her videos though! She has two cats and a dog, and at least one of them often appears in her videos which I think is so cute haha!

So these are my current favourite YouTubers. Did you know any of them? And who are your favourites at the moment? I’d love to find more YouTubers and bloggers to watch/read, to relax a bit during these odd times. Speaking of these ”odd times”, there’s a blog post with mindful and (hopefully) stress relieving activities coming in the near future! Hope to see you then!


Puck van Rooij

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