Review | Primark x Alex Steinherr Maximum Moisture Moisture-Locking Everyday Moisturiser

Today’s theme might as well be ”basic but effective”, because I’m going to review a skincare product that doesn’t make any outrageous claims, looks a bit boring, but will probably work for a lot of people – spoiler: at least it did for me! In 2019 Primark came out with a skincare line in collaboration with beauty journalist Alex Steinherr. I was semi-interested in the products, so when I needed a new moisturiser and was in Primark anyway, I picked up their Maximum Moisture moisturiser.

The Primark x Alex Steinherr skincare line contains a bunch of products, varying from moisturisers, to cleansers, to masks. All at a very decent price point, and all vegan and cruelty free (though we’re talking Primark here, so how cruelty free are they really?). The whole range comes in simple white packaging. A bit boring to some, but I kind of like it. The Maximum Moisture moisturiser comes in a 75ml tube – a pretty generous size in my opinion – and costs €6,00. It claims to nourish the skin and help maintain the skin’s natural barrier with the help of ingredients like squalane and amaranth oil (which apparently slows down skin aging). It’s supposed to be fragrance free and work best for normal to very dry skin types.

The texture of the moisturiser is quite thick and rich at first glance. There’s not sign of an artificial fragrance, just a vague ”balmy” scent. When I apply it on top of some kind of toner or serum it spreads quite easily, but when I apply it without something underneath it takes a bit of effort to really massage it into the skin. I think it’s because the texture is quite rich and more like a balm instead of, for example, a gel moisturiser. What’s a bit odd to me, is that the moisturiser leaves an almost matte finish, instead of the more glowy finishes I’m used to when it comes to moisturisers for dry skin. Because of this it feels a bit less plumping and nourishing to me, but that could just be because I’m not used to it.

My skin reacted well to it. It didn’t make me break out, and it doesn’t dry out my (already dry and dehydrated) skin. I would’ve prefered it if it was a bit less matte and a bit more plumping and hydrating, but all in all it works OK for me and it works well under my sunscreen and makeup. It’s just a bit.. boring I guess, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Sometimes you need to give your skin a bit of a break from ”intense” active ingredients, and for that a moisturiser like this is perfect! Have you tried any products from the Primark x Alex Steinherr range? Do you have a favourite product?


Puck van Rooij

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