No-buy update | I almost made it

In my no-buy announcement post I promised to update you guys on how I did after the month was over. I was on a fashion, beauty and homeware no-buy all of September, and obviously now we’re already in December (how time flies!) so it’s definitely time for an update!

As the title already suggests I didn’t quite make it through the month without spending any money on the products mentioned above. It’s all ASOS’ fault though! What happened was: ASOS did a 20% off everything promo during the last weekend of September, and October didn’t start till Tuesday. I had a couple of items on my ASOS wishlist I knew I wanted to buy in October anyway, so after some consideration I decided to buy them during the promo. Because why lose out on 20% off when you know you’ll be buying the items a couple of days later anyway?

To be honest it made me feel a bit disappointed in myself. And it ended up not even being worth it because I returned basically everything I ordered because I didn’t like it! So what did I learn from this? 1) I’m a sucker for a promo/sale (aren’t we all though? Lol). When a brand has a sale on, and I already have some items I want to buy from them, I just can’t resist buying them. Even when I have made an ”agreement” with myself to NOT BUY THEM (yet). And 2) I have this sort of ”fear” that products will sell out super fast and I’ll be majorly disappointed when they do. Even though I know that, yes I might be a bit disappointed, but it’s just STUFF! It’s OK if I don’t manage to pick up that one cute top or whatever. I don’t NEED IT! (WHY AM I YELLING?!)

So in conclusion, what I want to work on is that I want to try to not attach as much value and emotion onto things like fashion items, makeup items etc, and let a bunch of my stuff go. Not saying I want to become a minimalist or anything, but I do want to take a bit of a more minimalist approach to inanimate objects. Do you guys have any tips for me?


Puck van Rooij

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