Review | dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner

Because of the success of their original Supple Preparation Toner, Klairs came out with an unscented version some time ago. I really wanted to try the original, but when I saw they also did an unscented one I decided that’d probably be the safest option for my sensitive-ish skin. I was really curious whether this toner was any different from your average calming/hydrating toner.

The unscented version comes in a clear 180ml bottle with a purple label. I bought mine via eBay for about €15,00 but you can also purchase it via Yesstyle, for example. It is a bit more expensive on there though. Shipping from South Korea is often free, but it does take a while for your products to arrive if you don’t live in Asia (mine took about 15 days or so to get to the Netherlands, if I remember correctly). The toner is supposed to balance your skin’s pH levels, smoothe and hydrate the skin and make it easier to apply essences, serums etc as well as enhance their effect on your skin. The difference between the unscented version and the original is that the unscented one does not contain any essential oils, thus making it even more suited for sensitive skin.

The first thing I noticed is how thick the consistency of the toner is. It’s still liquidy, but a lot less watery than most toners I’ve tried. I personally prefer to apply it with a cotton pad, but because of the thicker consistency you could also easily pat it onto your face with your hands without getting liquid everywhere. The toner has a very slight, almost plasticy medical sort of scent.

The toner smoothes over the skin very easily, without absorbing immediately (because of the thicker texture). It leaves your skin slightly sticky and moist (ew lol) for a minute or so. This makes it very easy to apply anything on top, because it basically glides on. I do think this toner has a bit more effect than your average hydrating toner, because those often kind of ”disappear” once you apply them. I must say I feel like I go through the bottle very quickly, even though I really don’t use that much each time.

So, is it worth getting this toner all the way from South Korea? In my opinion it is. It has more substance than your average western drugstore toner, and for me it’s actually a bit of a musthave for this autumn and winter because it helps combat my skin’s dryness a bit. But I think that even if you have normal or oily skin (whether dehydrated or not) you’ll enjoy this toner. Have you tried it? What did you think?


Puck van Rooij

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