Swatched | Essence This Is Me Lipstick in ”15 Fabulous”

From quite a few makeup brands I only have one or a couple of products from a specific range. A bit meagre to write a long review about, am I right? So I started this new series called ”Swatched”, in which I – obviously – swatch, and briefly review those random products that don’t require a full, thorough review. I’m starting off the series with a new(ish) product from Essence.

–> Unfortunately I lost a bunch of photos I took of new products, including the photos I took of this lipstick, so the pictures in this post are of a used product, sorry!

To be honest Essence lipsticks never really tickle my pickle, but when I swatched a couple of the ”This Is Me” lipsticks, I was pleasantly surprised by their formula. I ended up buying the colour ”Fabulous” (no. 15) because I was curious how these lipsticks apply and wear on the lips. The ”This Is Me” range consists of 20 nude lipstick shades (with corresponding nail polishes). They’re supposed to have a semi-matte, longlasting finish.

”Fabulous” is a lovely, slightly darker, peachy nude colour. Within the ”This Is Me” range it’s classed as a nude that’d be perfect for tan skin, and I agree! But I like how it looks on my (light) skin too. I wouldn’t describe the finish as semi-matte on first application. It’s actually rather shiny. However, it does lose most of its shine after wearing it for a while. The lipstick’s lasting power is OK. Like most satin finish lipsticks it lasts well when you’re not eating, but it won’t survive a big meal.

I like this lipstick, but it’s not anything special. Just a nice nude, basic lipstick. I do think it’s great that there’s literally a nude for literally everyone in this line. Will I purchase more lipsticks from the line? I don’t know, I already have so many lipsticks! There are a couple of other colours I really like, but I don’t feel like I have to have them ya know? Have you tried any of the ”This Is Me” lipsticks?


Puck van Rooij

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