My holiday/travel skincare routine

Yes, I have a special skincare routine for when I’m on holiday.. Or well, it’s basically my regular skincare routine slimmed down. Still, it sounds quite extra don’t you think? Anyway, I wanted to share it with you guys what I took with me on holiday this summer because I really like skincare related blog posts, and am always curious about other people’s routines and products.

I tried some makeup wipes for the first time in years. I know they’re not the best for your skin, but they’re a lot more practical while travelling than cleansing balms and oils. Back in the day I never really got on with them because they majorly irritated my skin and eyes, and didn’t remove my waterproof mascara that well. These Coconut Cleansing Wipes by Hema didn’t completely remove my mascara either, but at least they didn’t irritate my eyes and skin. I just needed to go in with another wipe the next morning because there’d be a bit of a black residue under my eyes. After I’d go in with another Hema product: the Aloe Cleansing Cream, to remove any extra makeup residue (also used it to wash my face in the mornings). I like this cleanser because even though it foams up, it doesn’t make my skin feel dry and tight.

I guess for a lot of people toning is one of the first steps people tend to cut from their skincare routine when they want to simplify it. Not for me though! Because I have dry and dehydrated skin I can use all the hydratation I can get. A spray toner like the Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner is practical, and feels cooling and refreshing, especially on hot days!

Another step a lot of people might skip: eye cream. Personally I like to use one. I took the Kruidvat Natures Anti-Age Q10 Eye Cream with me because it comes in a handy little tube. This eye cream is super affordable, moisturises the eye area nicely, and works well under makeup. Unfortunately I didn’t have a facial moisturiser in practical packaging, so I just took my current moisturiser with me: the Hema High Moisture Cream. It’s super refreshing and more of a gel texture, so it’s perfect for warm weather because it sinks in very quickly and won’t sweat off of your face!

Can’t forget a sunscreen in the mornings of course! This summer I’ve been using the dear, Klairs Airy UV Essence (review here!) on my face (and also on my tattoos). It’s definitely a nice, light sunscreen that sinks in pretty quickly. It does make my skin look a bit shiny for a while though, but because I have dry skin I don’t really mind that. It works really well under makeup.

At home I prefer to use an oil or balm cleanser, use an exfoliating toner, and apply an essence or serum before I apply my eye cream and moisturiser, but other than that this routine is exactly the same as my normal, day-to-day skincare routine. Is your holiday skincare routine different from your normal routine? Which products do you use?


Puck van Rooij

2 thoughts on “My holiday/travel skincare routine

  1. Op verplaatsing gebruik ik zΓ³ weinig producten! Ik neem wel altijd vrijwel al m’n standaard items mee (zij het in reispotjes en -flesjes, zodat ik met minder verpakkingen hoef te zeulen), maar gebruik ze soms gewoon niet. πŸ˜‚ Eigenlijk te gek voor woorden, haha.

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    1. Dat heb ik dus met make-up! Ik neem altijd genoeg mee voor een full face, want je weet maar nooit haha! Maar uiteindelijk draag ik Γ³f maar de helft van wat ik bij me heb, Γ³f helemaal niks!


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