Review | dear, Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence

A new summer, a new sunscreen! I started to run out of my other sunscreen, which, coincidentally was also by Klairs. However they discontinued that one, and came out with a new, and apparently ”improved” one: the Soft Airy UV Essence. As the name implies it’s supposed to be a soft, weightless sunscreen. It has a SPF of 50 PA++++ which should protect the skin against UVA and UVB, without leaving a greasy finish or white cast.

The sunscreen comes in a white 80ml tube (a very decent size in my opinion) and it cost me about €19,00 on eBay. Facial sunscreens can be quite expensive, especially when they have a high SPF, so comparatively €19,00 isn’t that expensive – especially considering the fact that it contains 80ml – but to me it’s still a bit pricey. So it better be good! The things that attracted me to this sunscreen were that it’s a water-based sunscreen that’s supposed to be light, non-sticky and have a gel-like consistency.

I didn’t just buy this sunscreen to use on my face, but also on my tattoos (mainly the ones on my arms, when I’m wearing something sleeveless or short-sleeved). A lot of body sunscreens are super greasy and sticky, so I only use those when I know I’ll be out in the sun for quite a while. Anyway, I really like this sunscreen! It’s a bit more moisturiser-like and a bit less gel-like than I expected, but still has a light texture, has a very slight plasticy scent and isn’t waterproof. It spreads over the face very easily, which is convenient, but it may also cause you to apply a thinner layer than you should. However, even when you apply a thicker layer, it doesn’t feel super heavy on the skin.

To me it does feel a bit sticky right after application, but after about five minutes this mostly disappears. It doesn’t leave a white cast at all, but it does leave my face a bit shiny. It works well applied on top of my moisturiser (I use a gel moisturiser at the moment), and is also a pretty decent makeup base (maybe because it has silicones in it?). It doesn’t appear to clog my pores. All in all I really like it, and I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a sunscreen for sensitive skin with a high SPF that doesn’t leave a white cast or feel heavy on the skin. What’s the best sunscreen you’ve ever tried?


Puck van Rooij

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