Review | The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer

Well hello there, long time no see! Today I have a review for you guys of a product I’ve been using a lot lately. A while ago I wrote about the The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer, a primer that I quite liked but that didn’t tick one of the – to me – most important boxes when it comes to primers: blurring properties. I knew this when I bought the primer, but I still ended up missing the whole blurring thing. So I decided to try the other primer that The Ordinary has to offer. Want to my thoughts? Read on!

This primer is marketed as a ”high-adherence blurring surface smoother and primer”. It can be used over your moisturiser to prep your skin for makeup, or can even be worn on it’s own as ”a non-greasy hydrator”. It’s supposed to optically smoothe the skin, and reduce the look of enlarged pores and fine lines. The primer only costs €4,90 (via Deciem’s website), an amazing price for a primer I’d say! It’s even more affordable than the High-Spreadability Fluid Primer! It comes in a handy squeeze tube. Definitely a lot more practical than the High-Spreadability’s packaging in my opinion. The packaging is one of the reasons I bought this primer, because this way it’s easier to take it with me.

I expected the colour to be transparent, like most silicone primers, but it’s more of a white-ish colour. Oddly enough this primer feels less silicony to me than the High-Spreadability Fluid Primer, and more like a moisturiser. You can definitely still feel that it has silicones in it though. The primer smells a bit plasticy, but nothing too offensive. For me it’s definitely not hydrating enough to use on its own as a moisturiser (I have fairly dry skin), but if you have very oily skin it might work for you on its own. It works well over my moisturiser and sunscreen though, without balling up or anything.

The whole point of the High-Spreadibility primer is that it makes your face smooth enough to easily spread foundation and/or concealer around your face. However, I feel like the High-Adherence primer has almost equally good smoothing properties. My foundations, BB creams and concealers spread around my face easily, as the primer doesn’t only minimise fine lines and pores a bit, but also dry patches. The blurring properties aren’t intense or anything, but enough to almost entirely camouflage smaller enlarged pores, and minimise very large pores to an extent where they aren’t that noticeable anymore. Same goes for my ”crow’s feet” and forehead lines. Makeup generally stays on my skin quite well (I think because of my dry skin?), so I can’t really tell you if this primer makes it last extra long.

So would I recommend the High-Adherence Silicone Primer? Absolutely! I’ve really been enjoying using it and it’s easy to travel with. I would even recommend it over the High-Spreadability primer, because it has similar smoothing properties, but also has blurring properties, which makes it more worth it to me (unless you don’t need any blurring of course, but the High-Adherence primer is still the cheapest out of the two, so I’d still recommend it haha!). Have you tried any of The Ordinary’s products?

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