Review | bareMinerals Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil

As I’ve probably said on here before I’m a TOTAL cleansing balm person. Before I discovered cleansing balms I never had much luck with makeup removers. They always burned my skin and/or eyes (even when they were specifically targeted towards removing eye makeup), and usually they didn’t remove my makeup that well anyway. Luckily cleansing balms totally changed my makeup removing game, and they also roused my interest in trying cleansing oils. The first ever cleansing oil I tried is the bareMinerals Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil. Want to know my thoughts? Read on!

The deets

The bareMinerals cleansing oil comes in a 180ml plastic bottle with a pump. It costs €25,45 via LookFantastic, where I got mine. In my opinion +€25,00 for something you pretty much immediately wash off your face again is a bit steep, so I bought mine on sale, and will wait with repurchasing it till it goes back on sale again. bareMinerals claims that the oil is ”ultra-lightweight for a comforting cleansing experience”. It kind of works the same as a cleansing balm, in the sense that you apply the oil to a dry face, massage until your makeup dissolves, then add water to turn it into ”a weightless, milky emulsion that easily rinses away”. It’s supposed to have a relaxing, spa-like scent, infused with lavender and tangerine, and is supposed to be non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types.

How did it work for me?

The first two things I noticed, were the oil’s scent, and its consistency. The scent is really lovely in my opinion. I can definitely smell the lavender. It’s not a strong, artificial scent at all, but more of a herbal and – indeed – relaxing spa-like scent. The consistency is a lot more liquidy than I expected. So liquidy in fact, that I was afraid it wouldn’t be potent enough to easily dissolve my (waterproof) makeup. Boy, was I wrong! It breaks down my makeup with the same ease as a cleansing balm. To remove my waterproof mascara I do need to massage my eyes/lashes for about 20 seconds, but that’s no different from when I use a cleansing balm.

The oil doesn’t make my vision blurry when I accidentally get some in my eyes, and doesn’t irritate my eyes or skin. It rinses away pretty easily without leaving a greasy residue, but I prefer to remove it with a damp washcloth for a more thorough cleanse. The directions say that you need about 3-4 pumps for your entire face and neck, which I think is about right, especially if you’re wearing heavy makeup. I usually use two big-ish pumps for my face and neck, and then one small pump for my eyes (I like to do my face and eyes seperately because of my stubborn mascara, but you don’t have to of course).

So as you can probably guess, I’d definitely recommend this cleansing oil if you’re looking for an effective, gentle makeup remover and face cleanser, whatever your skin type is. For reference: I have quite dry skin, and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight afterwards, but even if you don’t have dry and/or dehydrated skin I feel like this will work for you – especially since it’s non-comedogenic. Have you tried any cleansing oils? Which one’s your favourite?

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