Are New Year’s resolutions unhealthy?

Happy New Year guys! Ain’t this just a great question to start the new year with? Haha, but seriously, I came across this question on someone’s Instagram stories and it really got me thinking. So let me warn you now: this is going to be a rambly post! Anyway, a lot of us tend to make New Year’s resolutions. Some make a couple, some have a whole list of things they want to change or improve in the new year. But, let’s face it, a lot of us ”fail” to make those changes or improvements.

I’m one of those people, always making at least a couple of resolutions, but 9 times out of 10 I fail to actually make them happen. To me that’s very discouraging, and I know I’m definitely not the only one who feels that way. How many of us have resolved to stop smoking, eat healthier, or drink less, doing very well the first couple of weeks, maybe even months, of the year, but then – as humans do, because of many different reasons – lose motivation. Which would be OK, if we didn’t completely beat ourselves up afterwards about ”failing”. I think that’s what that particular Instagram user meant when she posted the question on her stories. Is it healthy to keep making all these resolutions, then stress like crazy about.. Yeah, about what? Agreements we made with ourselves. Agreements that are, apparently, so incredibly important that we have to completely tear ourselves down when we can’t ”fulfill” them. In that sense I feel like New Year’s resolutions can be pretty unhealthy for a lot of people.

We tend to measure our worth by counting our achievements, but what if you didn’t manage to achieve the things you wanted to achieve. Does that make you less worthy as a person? Does that make you a complete failure? No! If there’s anything I’ve learned during the past years, it’s that 1) what makes you a good person is not dependant on hitting goal after goal and trying to become the most ”successful” person in your family or friend group, and 2) if you feel like you haven’t achieved anything, that’s never entirely true. Sure, you might not have achieved any ”big” goals like, I don’t know, buying a house or studying abroad, but if you think about it there are plenty of ”little” things that you’ve achieved during the course of a year. Things that, maybe unconsciously, helped to build your self esteem. These things might not seem important to other people, but seriously, fuck those people if they think those things aren’t worthy of them being supportive and happy for you.

Obviously I’m not saying ”Don’t set any goals ever again!”, because it can be fun and a motivation to have something to work towards. But what I’m saying is, please try to be a bit nicer to yourself! Don’t set goals you already kind of feel aren’t very achievable for you, because you’re often only setting yourself up for disappointment. And when you haven’t achieved one of your set goals, simply adjust it to something more reachable, and don’t beat yourself up about it too much! I guess in a way those are my New Year’s resolutions for 2019 haha! Anyway, I hope you all have a healthy 2019, filled with fun activities and supportive people! Thanks for reading!

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