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It’s been a while since I did a tag, so it’s time for another one! A while ago I did the ”40 Beauty Questions Tag” (which were actually 41 questions, but OK..), and today I’m doing the ”20 Beauty Questions Tag” which – obviously – has different questions. I don’t know who created this tag, so if you know, please let me know! Let’s get into it!

1. What was your first makeup item?
If we’re talking ”real makeup” (a.k.a. non-kiddy makeup) it was probably a lipgloss from an inexpensive brand like Hema or Etos (both Dutch brands).

2. Favourite online-only makeup brand?
Fun fact: lot of American (drugstore) brands are only available online in the Netherlands. But I think I’ll go with theBalm, because I believe they’re only available online everywhere?

3. Light, medium or full coverage foundation?
I usually go for light or medium coverage, but if I have to choose one I think I’ll go for medium. I don’t have great skin, but I prefer some of my ”imperfections” being visible over having a super cakey face (because of my dry skin full coverage foundations usually look pretty gross on me).

4. Favourite high end makeup brand?
Because I’m stingy as fuck I haven’t tried a lot of different products from different high end brands, so it’s hard to choose one. I think for now I’ll go with Kat Von D, because that’s the high end brand I have the most products from. I also really love theBalm. Does that count as high end?

5. What makeup brand have you always wanted to try but haven’t yet?
Budget wise I’m going with Makeup Revolution. Their eyeshadow palettes are supposed to be really good, but I’ve never tried any. And if we’re talking high end I think I’ll go with Too Faced. The only thing I’ve ever tried from them is a lip product (review is coming soon!), but I’d love to try more!


6. Cheapest makeup product you own?
The e.l.f. Essential Eyelid Primer in ”Sheer”! Back when I bought it, it cost €1,00 (now it costs more, and it’s not even available on the Dutch e.l.f. website anymore!).

7. Most expensive makeup product you own?
That’s definitely the Kat Von D Shade+Light Eye Contour Palette! It cost $48,00 and I had to order it on Sephora’s US website because back then the French Sephora website didn’t sell Kat Von D yet.

8. What makeup product can you not leave the house without?
I personally don’t really have a problem with leaving the house without makeup, so I guess my answer is: none.

9. How often do you shop for makeup?
I’d say I buy new makeup products every three to four weeks. However I often only buy one or a couple of product at a time. When I buy 4+ products at once it’s usually because I’m ordering something online (and have to pay for shipping etc).

10. Do you wear false lashes?
No, definitely not regularly anyway. For me it’s just not practical, because I suck at applying them and don’t really like how they feel on my eyes.


11. What type of makeup product do you own the most of?
Lip products, definitely. Either ”normal” bullet lipsticks, or liquid lipstick type products, not entirely sure of which I have the most.

12. If you could only buy from one makeup brand for the rest of your life, which would it be?
That’s a hard one, because most makeup brands have a lot of good products but also quite a few misses. I think I’d go with theBalm or Kat Von D.

13. What makeup brand do you think has the best packaging?
Again, I’d have to go for Kat Von D or theBalm. Though I must say I also really like the packaging of Topshop’s makeup range.

14. What beauty brands do you avoid?
The only brands I actively avoid are Jeffree Star Cosmetics and LimeCrime, because both brands, and especially their owners, seem pretty dodgy to me.

15. Favourite place to shop for beauty products?
It depends on the brand and kind of product. I like buying products in store because that way you can swatch them etc, but a lot of brands I’m interested in are only available online. A while back I did this post about a some of my favourite beauty webshops.


16. Favourite bath and body brand?
I must confess I’m not very adventurous when it comes to bath and body products. I primarily take showers, and the shower products I use are usually some of the cheapest ones available at the local drugstore. Like for example Kruidvat’s or Etos’ own shower range.

17. Favourite skincare product?
I don’t really have an all-time favourite skincare product, but a product I’ve really been loving recently is the Heimish All Clean Balm.

18. What’s your most cherished beauty product?
I can’t really think of anything. Do perfumes count as beauty products? If so, then I’d choose my high end perfumes I guess (like Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire and Issey Miyake’s Eau Florale), because they’re so damn expensive haha!

19. Do you have a beauty budget?
No, I don’t really have a strict monthly budget or anything like that, however there are products that I can afford but probably won’t ever buy because they’re just way too expensive and, in my opinion, overpriced. Like €60+ lipsticks or €80+ moisturisers and such.

20. Top five favourite beauty gurus? 
Most bloggers and youtubers I follow make content about a bunch of different stuff, not just beauty. The only ”beauty guru”-like people I actively follow are BeautywithEmilyFox and KathleenLights on YouTube, and blog wise: Vera Camilla, Linda Hallberg, Iris from Irispraat, Viola from Killer Colours, Lotte from Lotte Loves Beauty, Larissa from The Beautynerd, and Mateja from Mateja’s Beauty Blog. And I know that’s not five people haha!

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